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Welcome to the circus life! Take care of all kinds of animals, including bears, elephants, monkeys and baby tigers, and take part in fantastic adventures. Save your family training agency from bankruptcy and learn the tricks of the trade from famous trainers. You will then be able to open a big reserve and protect your favourite wild animals.

1. Your two new friends

Anatoli Zapardo, an internationally renowned animal trainer, asks you to take care of his two baby tigers. Their names are Sacha and Micha and they are now your two best friends.


Your missions will be to:
• Look after your two new protégés:
- feed them,
- heal them,
- clean them,
- play with them
- and cuddle them.

• Create a true and strong relationship with them and become their best friends. It will be easy for you to make them perform in amazing shows and impress your audiences.


Be careful: it is really important that you take good care of your animals, otherwise the animal protection league could take them away and you’ll have to pay huge amounts of money to get them back.

2. Become an experienced trainer!

Tour the world to help famous trainers solve problems with their star animals:
- Tame an English dog whose hat is too big and falls over his eyes during his performances
- Train a Russian bear who gets nervous when on stage
- In France, help a cat who suffers from chronic itching during her shows
- In India, train a jumping elephant on a trampoline
- In San Francisco, play with an American football-playing monkey


Develop your training and pay attention to anything that could distract the animals while they perform and ruin their otherwise dazzling shows!


Be rewarded for your services. With the money you’ll get, you will be able to:
- Buy food, brushes, toys and more for your friends Sacha and Micha
- Step by step, build your own animal reserve that will help endangered animals all around the world.