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Petz Playschool

Petz Playschool

Learn how to care for the cutest new baby animals!


For the first time, take care for two animals at the same time
* Your Petz will play together, react to one another and will surprise you by creating very funny situations.

* Watch a baby penguin play with a tiger cub and see how well they get along.

Learn how to care for adorable baby animals
* Teach them to walk by getting them to follow you, or play musical and matching games to make them smarter.

* Help them go to sleep by rocking them or singing them a lullaby.

* Feed, wash and clean your babies.

Unlock all-new exotic baby animals

* Domestic animals like puppies and kittens are always a Petz favorite.

* On top of exotic animals from the original game such as baby pandas, tigers, polar bears, and leopard cubs, you will be able to take care for wolf cubs, piglets, and four different breeds of penguins!