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My Puppy Family

My Puppy Family

For the first time, raise your very own family of puppies!

Create your own family of cute puppies and watch them grow with fun and individual personalities. Dress them, play with them and breed them with your friends’ pets to produce unique babies!

1/ Breed
Adopt your puppy from some of the most popular breeds, such as the Golden Retriever or the Poodle 
Mix different breeds to create your own unique baby pet that will fit your personality.
Watch your puppy grow over 3 different age stages! Depending on his development stage – baby, child and adult – your puppies will have different needs and reactions.

2/ Play
Watch your puppies interact with each other. You can have 3 puppies on screen at the same time, an entire family if you want! Watch your puppies play together. Be careful, as the way they act depends on you: hand out treats to encourage good behaviour!
Get rewarded as you play: unlock costumes and accessories to make your puppy the cutest; get new toys for your puppies and play in new original environments, such as the beach or a snowy field.

3/ Share
Organise play dates with your friends’ puppies using Nintendo DS Wireless Communications.
Watch your puppy play with your friends' puppies.
Breed your puppy and your friend’s puppies together to create a unique baby pet… And choose who will take care of him!!!