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My Kitten Family

My Kitten Family

Raise and care for a full family of pets! Adopt a kitten from a wide variety of breeds and customise his look with tones of outfits and accessories. Cross-breed and create your own looking baby pet. Then watch your cat grow and adopt a unique personality.

Key Features:
• Adopt your favourite kitten from a wide variety of breeds and take care of him
o From Siamese to Russian Blue, there’s a breed for everyone!
o Customise his look with tones of outfits and accessories
o As you care for your pet, bond with him and develop a strong relationship

• Breed different breeds and create a unique baby pet
o Experiment by breeding to create unique pets that fit your personality
o Impact your pet’s relationships with others by the way you decide to raise them

• For the first time in a pet-simulation game, you can watch your pet grow
o Watch your pet grow through different life stages: baby, child and adult
o Depending on what stage your pet is at, he won’t act the same or have the same needs – ex. a kitten needs milk and tones of affection

• Watch your pets interact with each other
o You can have up to 3 pets on screen at the same time – raise an entire family!
o Watch them interact and play together
o The way they act together depends on you – make sure that you react if they misbehave

• Get rewarded as you play through the game
o Unlock costumes, accessories to dress up your pet
o Unlock new toys for your kittens to play with
o Unlock new environments (a beach or a snow field for instance)

• Improved, more realistic graphics
o Pets look more realistic than ever
o Watch your pets interact in realistic looking environments