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Monkey Madness

Monkey Madness

Raise and care for a full family of pets! Adopt a monkey from a wide variety of breeds and customise his look with tones of outfits and accessories. Cross-breed and create your own looking baby pet. Then watch your monkey grow and adopt a unique personality

Key Features:
• Adopt a monkey – Choose a monkey from the adoption centre, play with him until he feels safe with you, and then take him home.
• Training – Use rewards and discipline to mould your monkey’s personality. Your monkey can be meek, courageous, loyal, indifferent, and more… it’s up to you.
• Growth – Take care of your pet over three age ranges (baby, adolescent, young adult).
• Nutrition – Your pet needs consistently healthy food in order to thrive, so make sure you feed him with the best food available.
• Create a family – Help your monkey bond with other monkeys, and over time you can breed them to create unique families that play together.
• Hybrids – Cross-breed two different species of monkeys to create fantastic hybrids!
• Tricks – Move the Wii Remote in patterns to teach your monkey to do acrobatic tricks
• Explore the house – Four rooms are filled with dozens of toys and interactive objects for your monkey to play with, so make sure you investigate everywhere.
• Gain a new friend – Treat your monkey well, and you’ll be rewarded with a loyal friend who’s always at your side.
• Customisation – Dress your pet in a variety of cute humorous outfits and choose from a selection of styles to decorate your house as well.
• Photography – Take pictures of your pet during their cutest moments, and store them in your photo album.
• Share your pet with friends – You can upload your monkey to your Wii Remote and bring him over to a friend’s house to play with the monkeys on their Wii.