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Dolphin Island

Dolphin Island

The Zoo Marineland is in danger. To save this aquatic park from an unscrupulous multinational corporation, you will have to take care of 30 different endangered species, including dolphins, sharks, killer whales, penguins and turtles: nurture them, heal them and tame them for the entertaining shows. For the well-being of your lovely friends, manage the entire marine park on your own and learn all about its ecology.

1. Your Marine Animals
With Dolphin Island, discover 30 different endangered species, including

- Dolphins
- Sea-lions
- Sharks
- Killer whales
- Penguins
- Turtles
- Pelicans
- Manta rays, etc…


Take good care of your marine animals: make sure they really feel comfortable in your park and check their overall status (morale, health and training).

- Feed them fish
- Heal them when they don’t feel well, thanks to the Nintendo DS stylus
- Clean them: brush their teeth and their backs
- Interact with them and play with them whenever you want: pet them, stroke them and teach them fun tricks.


Use the encyclopaedia to learn even more about your aquatic animals with the detailed fact sheets provided in the game and discover lots of information about ecology.

If you want more pets, trade and collect new animals with your friends, thanks to the Nintendo Wireless system

2. Your Marine Zoo

On Dolphin Island, plunge into the great adventures of an aquatic park!


Manage your own marine park:

- Keep an eye on the cleanliness and the smooth running of your park to ensure the well-being of your little friends and to welcome newcomers.
- Try to get new attractions for your aquatic friends to make it bigger and bigger.


Create impressive shows and teach your animals amazing tricks:

- Teach them to come when you whistle, jump when you throw fish in the air, go through a ring or play with a big balloon, etc.

3. Aquatic Shows on Live!
Have a closer look at aquatic life and learn more about marine animals and ecology!