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Dogz 2

Dogz 2

Let’s go outside! Choose your favourite puppy from lots of new breeds and play with your new friend for the first time in both indoor and outdoor environments. Let your adorable pet meet other dogs and play games. You will never get bored of raising such cute puppies!

Choose your favourite dog from 20 different breeds :

- Dalmatian
- Labrador
- Maltese
- French Bulldog
- Dachshund
- Chihuahua, Etc…


Raise and take care of your lovely pets

Feed them, brush them, wash them and groom them.

Train them by using the Nintendo DS microphone and teach them new tricks. Your cuddly companions will respond to you in many ways, depending on your actions and their mood! For instance:
- Call its name and your puppy will come after you
- Say “pet” and your puppy will wait for your cuddles
- Say “tag” and your puppy will chase after you

Create a new puppy by mixing two dogs of the same breed that you can trade with your friends thanks to the Nintendo wireless system


You will never get bored of raising your cute puppies !

Have fun with your lovely dogs

Play with them:
- throw balls
- see their reaction when you play musical instruments
- watch them playing with various items that you have placed in the rooms and garden

Let your adorable pets run around the house, outdoors environments, meet other dogs and watch their cute reactions.

Check on your naughty puppies from another room when they are alone!

Customise your house and your garden

Increase the number of rooms and welcome more and more puppies through the game

Decorate your dogs’ rooms and garden with other 250 items, such as tables, carpets, rocking-chairs, seesaws, slides, etc.
Your puppies will enjoy their fun environments, and many friends will also come to play.

Get new items from specific stores in the city by completing fun mini-games

Have fun with up to 18 mini-games

Play by yourself or over wireless with your friends, fun mini-games such as:

- Draw pictures of cute dogs using the Nintendo DS stylus
- Change the colours of your drawings as many times as you want
- When you are done, save your masterpieces and show them to your friends.

Puzzle games:
- Jigsaw puzzle: slide the pieces around and complete a cute picture of dogs before the time runs out!
- Asian puzzle: slide the smallest panels around and make room so the big panel can get out before time runs out!

Sports games:
- Bowling: throw the ball and knock down the pins. If you knock down more than the minimum number of pins, you win.
- Hula Hoops: make the hula hoop spin around the dog as many times as necessary before the timer runs out. The more hoops you correctly throw, the more spins you get.
- Air hockey: hit the puck into the other goal to win. Slide the smasher to hit the puck!

Card games:
- Memory: try to get the most card matches to win!
- Sevens: The 7-cards of four different suits are up on the top screen of your Nintendo DS. Place your cards to the left and right so that the suits match and the numbers are in order. The winner is the one who gets rid of their cards first.

Boards games:
- Reversi: Trap your opponent’s pieces and turn them into your colour. When all the spots are filled up, whoever has the most pieces wins.
- Take two: Choose two of the same cards and clear them. You can choose two cards that are connected vertically or horizontally, or cards that are separated by up to two lines. You win when you can see the picture on the board underneath the cards.