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Dog Playground

Dog Playground

Discover a new brand furry-fun experience on Nintendo Wii: take care of adorable puppies, play with them and challenge your friends in a rich-featured multiplayer mode. So who will cross the finish line first?


Adopt your favourite puppy from a wide variety and care for him
- From the Golden retriever to the funny Chihuahua, collect all 18 breeds.
- Take care of your puppy and develop a strong relationship with him: the more you play with him, the more your dog reacts and expresses himself.
- Teach him over 22 different tricks, such as dance, do the tornado, roll over. 

Your dogs are your playmates
- Jump rope in the parkway, throw ball in the park or participate in agility course challenges with your favourite puppy.
- Train your dog to make him the number 1 racing dog in the world.

Customise your puppy
- Unlock costumes, hats and special accessories.
- Dress you dog in more than 100 000 different ways.
- Unlock a funny and surprising hair coat for each breed.

Gameplay designed for the Wii
- Interact with your dog like in real life with the Wii remotes: pet him, play fetch, throw the Frisbee or the Football… 
- Accessible and fun interactive gameplay.
- Race with your friends

36 agility courses for you to compete against up to 4 friends.
- Bring and exchange your dogs collection and your costumes to your friend’s place in your Wii remote.

Improved, more realistic graphics 
- New fur technology makes your dogs the best looking animal on the Wii.
- Watch your puppy interact in realistic looking environments.
- Watch your puppy grow thanks to the variety of ages: learn how he will progress and will improve his skills from the puppy stage, through the young stage and finally the adult stage.