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Catz 2

Catz 2

Because there’s no such thing as too much cute! Choose your favourite kitty from several new breeds and discover hundred of ways to have fun: take care of and play with your new best friend and dress her up in new accessories… they've never been so cute!

Choose your favourite kitten from 10 new breeds. Each of them has its own characteristics:

Extremely agile and active. Curious, bold and high spirited. Very energetic!

Quiet, but still as sociable. Easily trained. Independently minded. Well-balanced kitten.

Active, curious, athletic, energetic and talkative. Cunning and gets up to all sorts of mischief!

A big ball of fluffy love! Adores cuddling and is very affectionate.
Graceful, strong and agile..; like a tamed tiger! Loves to climb and play with water. Very intelligent. Deeply loyal to their owners.

Sweet, dignified kitty with white “gloves”. Active and playful, but not noisy!

Maine Coon:
This natural hunter loves to play. Friendly and out-going; clowns around.

Scottish Fold:
Cute round ears. Quiet kitty who adores human relationships.

Sweet-tempered and trusting. Playful but also loves pampering.

Highly intelligent. Misses you when you are away. Very affectionate in return.

If you achieve your goals in-game, you can unlock and discover more hidden breeds!


Your kitten needs all your affection and tenderness.

Take care of them

Feed them, brush them, wash them and groom them.

Develop a strong relationship with them. Be closer to them by understanding their moods and always making them feel better. Your kitten can have a variety of moods that are affected by its needs being attended to and some breed-specific traits.
- There is an indicator that appears over your adorable pet to show how it feels: happy or sad, noisy or quiet, brave or scared, etc.
- Thanks to the bubble thoughts, you will also be able to understand your pet’s reactions.

Increase your pet abilities (strength, agility, intelligence, etc) by completing different achievements: tutorial, basics about caring for a kitten, photography, and playtime.

Have fun with them!

Play with your kitten and their toys (balls, bubbles, Frisbees and butterflies)

Disguise them with clothes… they've never been so cute!

Capture adorable pictures, while they play, in all sorts of fantastic themed backdrops.

See through the eyes of the cat with the helmet camera. It is so funny!