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Now care for cute Bunnyz and interact with them in the same way as Dogz, Catz and Hamsterz.

Choose between 4 types of Bunny

American Fuzzy Lop
This Bunny enjoys companionship and attention.

Netherland Dwarf
This Bunny is friendly, kind and energetic.

Holland Lop
This Bunny is known for its sweet temperament.

This Bunny is shy and loveable.

Take care of their health and well being as well as the environment they live in.

Keep your bunnies happy and comfortable!
Care for your bunnies thanks to 3 main options: Brush, Clean and Hold.
- When you choose Brush, the Nintendo DS stylus will become a brush.
- When you choose Clean, the Nintendo DS stylus will become a broom.
- When you choose Hold, the Bunny will appear in your hand.

Feed them regularly with healthy recipes: entrée, vegetables and snack.
Your bunnies will be satisfied if you feed them twice a day and give them water four times a day.

Collect food, toys and patterns
- House: Choose your bunny’s favourite cage.
- Chew Toy: Choose different chewing toys, water bottles and wallpaper.
- Ribbon: Change the bunny’s accessories. Give your bunny sunglasses or a pretty ribbon!

By opening the cage you can take your bunny out into the room to play.

Watch them evolve with the status mode

Touch the bunny portrait to find out important statistics about your bunny:
- Your bunny’s name
- Your bunny's breed
- Your bunny’s hunger status: full, normal, hungry
- Your bunny’s cleanliness status: clean, normal, dirty
- Amount of time spent together
- Amount of words learned
- Your bunny’s friends list


Interact with your bunnies!

Teach them words so you can speak to them.
When you touch the Teach button, a list of words you can teach your bunny will appear. Bunnies will not learn a new word on the first attempt, so keep trying until they figure it out!
New words will be added over time.

Teach them to express their feelings
Bunnies will not know how to express their feelings, so they will ask you for help.
Choose and touch one of the three sentences shown to express your bunny's feeling.
If the answer is correct, your bunny will learn the related words!


Play fun mini games!

- Easter Egg hunt: Find the eggs that the bunnies have hidden. Shake the bush where you think the eggs are hidden. Don’t be tricked by the bunnies’ movements!

- Clean up: Playful bunnies will run around the room making footprints! Wipe off the footprints before your family finds out how messy your room is!

- Balance rescue: A friend is stuck in the trees. Pile the boxes up high and keep them balanced to rescue your friend!

- Dribble Shoot: Don’t let the enemy steal your soccer ball. Dribble it all the way to the goal near the trees and shoot!

- Air Hockey: Shoot the puck to earn points and win! Don’t be fooled by their quick movements.

- Circuit race: Control your carrot car and finish 5 laps within the time limit. Don’t speed too much!

- Monster Hunt: Hunt down the monsters disguised as treasure chests. Think hard and attack!



Use the wireless connection to play with your friends!

Connect play occurs between two people. Both players will need a Bunnyz game card.
When the connection is successful, your two bunnies will play together in the cage.
You can also trade toys and patterns; the friends’ list will save information on up to 20 people!

Don’t forget that the more time you spend together, the more surprises await you!